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A Step-by-Step Guide to Coaching Salespeople

sales-coaching-in-field最好的经理知道spending time in the field coaching sellersis an important part of developing salespeople (andimproving sales performance)。这是第二天使用教练模式的逐步指南。

Preparing for the Field Visit Day

  • Clear your calendar and your mind; focus on the individual.
  • 查看您对此人的优先教练策略。
  • Review your Field Coach’s Notes from most recent visit.
  • 避免“超级综合症”的唯一方法是确保您不仅在卖方提出大笔建议的地方打个电话 - 当遇到这么多的结果时,他们可以抵制跳跃!


  • Account Executive provides a quick synopsis of account and status.
  • Account Executive declares the objective of this call.
  • 共同确定这是演示电话还是教练电话(请记住...每个都不是一点)。
  • 确定如何解释经理的角色/目的(例如,满足客户,亲自听到需求等)。

新的呼吁行动 During the Call

  • Eyes and ears wide open. Mouth shut tight.
  • 如果“球”出现在您身上,请立即将其踢回去。


  • Positive recognition always precedes constructive criticism.
  • Account Executive’s evaluation always precedes yours.
  • “进展顺利?”
  • “进展顺利?”
  • “进展顺利?”
  • “进展顺利?”(在解决其他问题之前,至少有四个积极因素。)
  • “下次你会做什么?”(您可能需要提示:“什么……”或“如果...”会发生什么))
  • Focus your coaching on a small number of important points.
  • 请务必将结果与所声明的目标进行比较。

At the End of the Day

  • 找到一个舒适的聊天场所;不要冲这个。
  • 从一般的对话和一天的汇报开始。
  • Tailor your coaching to the individual’s talents/strengths and your Priority Coaching Strategies; have appropriate expectations.
  • Positives always precede negatives.
  • Account Executive’s evaluation always precedes yours.
  • 请参阅您的现场教练笔记表格,以确保已涵盖重要的主题。
  • 返回办公室后,向帐户经理提供现场教练笔记表格的副本,并将原件保留在您的文件中以备将来参考。

Best Practices

当经理与卖方一起度过一整天或至少半天时,这种教练方法最有效。这为在不同情况下与不同客户观察卖方的机会提供了机会。世界一流的经理发展field coaching schedule并让卖家至少提前一个月了解他们的现场教练日。

Also, don’t reserve field coaching only for rookies. Veteran sellers can always benefit from coaching, plus they usually enjoy the quality time with their manager.